New ProDiagnose App Revolutionizes American Ultrasound Industry with Affordable OnDemand Board Certified Bookings & Home Examinations

(Los Angeles, California, Monday, May 22nd, 2016)

ProDiagnose, America’s No.1 affordable on demand ultrasound app, has today confirmed that ultrasound testing is being conducted from the comfort of family homes eliminating the high expense and inconvenience of making traditional hospital and clinic visits.

The exclusive first-to-market app is the only place where a rapidly expanding team, currently 15 strong, of Board Certified medical professionals including; Ultrasound Technicians, Sonographers and a top rated Radiologist are conducting a variety of sophisticated ultrasound examinations at the lowest rates in homes. Areas now covered include Los Angeles, Orange County and coming soon to the San Francisco Bay Area and New York.

“ProDiagnose was developed to help families save time through the world’s most advanced and professional app of its kind that safeguards your information with enhanced privacy measures. The additional benefits are a huge bonus such as; receiving an altogether better service and avoiding waiting rooms and germ ridden medical facilities,” asserted, Dr. Nicholas N. Dzebolo, M.D., Medical Doctor and Board Certified Radiologist. “You cannot put a price on comfort and convenience. This system eliminates outrageous medical bills and there are no hidden fees. High app engagement keeps costs down. Imagine also skipping the traffic and frustration of getting to an appointment and being greeted at home instead.”

The app makes this, once complicated hospital and clinic confined procedure, the quickest, most efficient and economical path to receiving a high-end ultrasound. How precisely is this achieved? Patients simply book their own appointment via ProDiagnose. At the confirmed time, a Board Certified Technician will arrive and knock on your door equipped with a state-of-the-art portable ultrasound machine ready to complete your procedure on-the-spot. Immediately afterwards, confidential test results are presented to and analyzed by a highly trained Board Certified Radiologist who prepares a comprehensive report on the findings on a strictly your-eyes-only basis within 3 to 5 working days.

Every Board Certified Radiologist and Technician on the ProDiagnose team is licensed to operate in your State and their qualifications are rigorously screened to ensure the company maintains the highest standards of excellence.

ProDiagnose app was established in 2016 to disrupt the ultrasound industry to make it affordable, whether or not you have health insurance. Download our app today for free via the App Store: ProDiagnose App. Visit our website today: and join our vibrant online community:

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About ProDiagnose

ProDiagnose is the only app on the market which enables you to receive any type of ultrasound test from a board-certified professional in the comfort of your own home and at special lower prices.

With ProDiagnose, you don’t have to travel to and from an Ultrasound imaging center and then waste more time waiting for your test. Instead, our technician performs your test in the comfort of your own home at your preferred appointment time ﹘ no waiting, no traffic and no hassle.

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